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​Tibet is probably the best destination for those travelers looking for the ancient Buddhist culture, life style, religion and the different taste of the natural heritage including Himalaya, adventure experience in the high plateau and it is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites of the Hindus which is called  Kailash, the heaven, place of the lord Shiva and it has the numerous ancient Buddhist monasteries which are belong to the different sects of the Buddhism and of course, it has easy access to the base camp of the Mt. Everest as well, the top of the world, the Tibet tours are wonderful and breathtaking scenery including high Himalayan views as well as ancient monasteries and palaces, some of the gorgeous valley, high mountain traverse makes to everyone lifetime experience and the Tibet is land of the snows and the roof of the world as well.

Tibet was opened for tourists only in 1985 AD for the visitors so, we have also started to operate tour package to Tibet since it is be best and the most visited tourist destination in the world, we have many years of experience in organizing Tibet tours and many travelers in the world have used our services and they are very happy to experience and explore this mysterious part of the world with us.

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