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Published on : May 26, 2019

We loved our guide in Kathmandu, Mr. Narendra KC.
Overall it was an excellent experience. Thank you for organizing the excellent trip.

Mr. Ketan Jayantilal Shah & Family | 19/26 May 2019 | India, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

Trip organized was very thoughtful, caring, covered all our requirements. All staffs have been amazing, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you all very much.

Ms. Jane R Cruder X 2 | 01/09 Apr 2019 | UK, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

Everything was very well organized. The personalization of the tours was amazing! 

Mr. Derek Johnson & Family | 29 Mar/05 Apr 2019 | UK, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

One the most memorable trip we have had. Sharad showed us Nepal in an intimate, sensitive, adventurous and spiritual way. We gain wisdom and had an experience we will never forget. Hope to return to this beautiful country soon.

Dr. Amilia Schrier & Party | 31 Mar/07 Apr 2019 | USA, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

We liked the planning of tour route, selection of hotels, driver (Sitaram Thapa) and selection of tour sites. Provision of tour coordinator Sakin Shakya was a good idea and a great help. Excellent Tour Company, above our expectation and very helpful staffs. We would have preferred option for a 4x4 vehicle due to condition of the highways in Nepal.

Mr. & Mrs. Ranjit Sinh Thakor | 19 Mar/02 Apr 2019 | UK, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

Your staffs and Representatives were all professional and exceptional… Thank you!

Mr. /Mrs. Dilip Kumar Parmar | 23 Mar/01 Apr 2019 | UK, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

We liked visiting the Swoyambhunath stupa and other temples.
All the other places and services were also very good.

Mr. John Sunder Singh & Mrs. Shanti Devi Singh | 22/25 Mar 2019 | Canada, .
Published on : May 26, 2019

Our driver to Chitwan was excellent, kind & thoughtful.
All were very good. Thank you for everything!

Mr. Kelly Paddy & Mrs. Julie Paddy | 12/19 Mar 2019 | UK, United Kingdom
Published on : May 18, 2019

The most we liked were Everest mountain flight and sunrise from Sarangkote hill. Especially we liked the rain in Pokhara.

Mr. Binu C. Varughese & Group | 15/18 May 2019 | UAE, .
Published on : May 17, 2019

Everything was excellent. Thank you very much for your services. The group members had a wonderful time in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet.

Mr. Istrate Dinu Lucian & Group | 02/17 May 2019 | Romania, .
Published on : May 16, 2019

Thank you for making our trip the memorable one.

Mr. Yatish Dempo & Family | 14/16 May 2019 | India, .
Published on : May 16, 2019

We were received very cordially and provided with an A1 reception in all the places we stayed. I’d like to convey my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your kind assistance.

Mr. /Mrs. Subash Chhanagal | 02/16 May 2019 | India, .
Published on : April 20, 2019

All personal had a very friendly personal and professional attitude. Choice of places we visited hit all the highlights. My driver and representative were superior.

Mr. Edward Fritz | 17/20 Apr 2019 | USA, .
Published on : April 19, 2019

Tour was well organized throughout and would recommend this tour package to other friends.

Mr. Unnikrishnan Anoop & Family | 13/19 Apr 2019 | UK, .
Published on : March 27, 2019

We really loved experiencing the Holi festival, we loved the chaos and thrills of Kathmandu. We would have like liked more authentic and unique places for lunch. Tiger Mountain Lodge in Pokhara was exceptional, service, view and food was beyond our expectation. Pokhara town was a disappointment after we stated in Tiger Mountain Lodge.
We appreciate your team for all the hard work that went into creating this wonderful trip. We thank you for all your patience and understanding for any changes that had to be made.
We have arrived home safe and sound after a bit of a delay at the Kathmandu airport. I know Cheryl and I both felt that we were able to experience the best of both countries. We are so grateful to you, your team and all the planning that went into creating this beautiful trip. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us before we left and your thoughtful gifts. I will be happy to share your information with anyone planning to visit Nepal.

Ms. Cheryl Berman & Ms. Ronna Rudolph | 12/27 Mar 2019 | USA, .
Published on : January 27, 2019

Everything was perfect. We were treated amazingly & I will highly recommend your services to my friends. Thank you for amazing hospitality.

Mr. Sari Eddine Hadi | 20/27 Jan 2019 | UAE,
Published on : January 23, 2019

Your driver Sitaram was excellent. Overall trip was very good. 

Mr. Ravishankar Shenava | 20/23 Jan 2019 | UAE,
Published on : January 02, 2019

The history of Kathmandu valley was very well presented by our guide and jungle activities in Chitwan was great.

Mr. Andra Giordano & Family | 21 Dec 2018/02 Jan 2019 | Italy ,

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